Sunday, 12 August 2012


So, what's this all about then?

I'm Alex, a software developer from a computer science background. I love programming and all things tech, and this blog is an attempt to give something back to the internet which has taught me so much.

Whenever I'm hacking away on something I invariably have to call on google several times a day to help me along, whether it's for ideas on how to do something I have never done before, or maybe it's just to help me recall that algorithm or idiom which I need to use again. A lot of the time my searches bring me to blog posts, where helpful authors have done some hard work and decided to share their knowledge to the world. If they make mistakes, usually there's comments to let them know and to help other readers.

This is my attempt to start one of those helpful blogs :)

I don't plan to post regularly, probably only if I have something cool or helpful to share. Even if I don't get any readers it may come in handy for me to remember things, like a fancy public notebook.

I'm starting a new job tomorrow where I'm going to have a lot to learn. Hopefully I'll be able to write some posts as I get up to speed in the coming weeks. Wish me luck!

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